Persona 4: The Animation

Alright! Another day, another review. Today I’d thought I’d switch gears to anime. Today’s anime is Persona 4: The Animation. Please keep in mind there are small spoilers in here.Image

INTRODUCTION: So, for those who don’t know, Persona 4: The Animation, is the anime adaptation to the video game Persona 4 of the Shin Megami Tensei series. The anime gives the Protagonists a name, whereas in the game you can choose to personalize the Protagonists name. Narukami Yuu basically moves into the small town of Inaba from the city after his parents were travelling over seas. Upon his arrivals, strange murders have been occurring around town. Yuu, Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko, Kanji, Rise, Teddie, and Naoto are out to crack those cases. The team figures out that most of the murders circulate around the TV world which the main characters can enter.

STAR RATING: 4 / 5 Stars

Favorite Character: I would say Rise or Naoto. Rise is very similar to me. Her problems circulate around how people see her as an idol and thinking that most idols are open and is this sex image. Rise is a very quiet and reserved girl who works with her grandma’s tofu store. She wants to be recognized, but does not like the attraction of being seen as a sex image. Naoto resembles me as in gender makes the bigger difference. As a child she wanted to be known as a good detective, but because she sees being a girl the only restriction, she limited herself to being a boy so she could stand being recognized. Much like Mulan, she realized that, just because she is a female does not mean she is not capable of doing great things.

Least Favorite Character: Ryotaro Doujima is the uncle of Yuu Narukami. Personally, he is the least of my favorite initially, but later on I liked him (Sorry to say, I don’t have a disliked character in this series). He is a single father raising Nanako, his only child, while being the detective of the Inaba police force. He is constantly out and Nanako is always left by herself to watch the house till late nights. At first he seems like a jerk in one episode, but it later on explains why and he does prove to be a capable father.

PROS: Like most action, mystery, and adventure series, Persona 4 is a great series. I never played the game, but I watched enough ,and seen enough gameplays on Tumblr, to know how the game is. It is a mind twister and I took my friend’s advice and let the action flow and watch it. I personally take the first few episodes seriously, but Persona 4 really gave me a great laugh (xD freaking Yosuke and Chie). The storyline is great. At the beginning of every episode, the Velvet Room people will review the previous episode and give a brief hint at the current episode. The ideas of using social links and linking to Arcana  Tarot cards was amusing because I do tarot readings. I did like the battle scenes with all the Personas coming out and fighting another Persona. I loved the parts of revelation when each character had to face their fears and conquer their Persona. The show really taught me about facing yourself and running away from your true self is not going to help anyone.

CONS: I did not like the speed of the anime. The first few episodes weren’t terrible, but it did feel slow. Much like most animes, I know that the first few episodes are hard to sit through, but at least Persona 4 was bearable. I also did not like the scenes where Yuu goes crazy. My initial thoughts were, “Did they upload it correctly?” Yuu going crazy is very disturbing. Yuu is basically a Mary Sue of the series. It can’t be helped, but Yuu outshines everyone by doing so. It doesn’t give everyone a fair chance at showcasing their skills. At one point I was hoping at least other characters were capable of doing SOMETHING. Sadly, Yuu takes the limelight and steals the kill. I understand clearly that everything circulates around Yuu, but at least give the other characters a chance at SOMETHING.

Overall, I liked the series. It placed “A Good Recommendation to Others” award in my heart. I hope you liked my review on this anime. Feel free to comment and leave feedback on this anime or even future reviews. See you soon~

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3 Responses to Persona 4: The Animation

  1. Gisei says:

    I like how they managed to get scenes from the game into the Anime, its even more hilarious seeing their facial expression right? Also yeah it was quite slow paced at the beginning but if you checked with the game it did fine, i was expecting more action from battles though.

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