Boku kara Kimi ga Kienai – You Can’t Disappear From Me

Ok, another switch up so everyone can get an insight at all three kinds of review. Today(or tomorrow), I’m going to do a double upload to make up for lost time. 


STAR RATING: 3.5 / 5 stars

INTRODUCTION: A medium length (23 chapters) love story about a high school girl, Hotaru, who enters a high school to pursue her first love she met two years ago, Haruna, who is the teacher at her school. To her surprise, a guy she first meets at the school looks like her crush….but, in reality, is the younger brother of her crush. He first meets Hotaru and leaves a really bad impression on her. Later on as the story progresses, she develops feelings for him. Not knowing that feelings have developed, the tension between two brothers rise from the shadows as they fight over Hotaru.

PROS: They stroked my feels like a harp. STAHP. It was touching at first, then it went on to dragging some of the romance. It caught me easily in. It was easy reading and the story was really great. The climax really make me worry because of the tension. The story drew me in and some parts were very stereotypical shoujo manga status, but only for a little bit.

CONS: The ending. It made no sense. Not going to spoil. The ending itself was dry and I felt it was just left drying there. The writer needs to rewrite the ending. It really made me face-palm. If you just read it, stop before you hit the very last chapter, it’ll save you time and leave a better impression in your mind.

Overall, it’s a great series, but just don’t read the ending, it’ll save you the face palm and table flip rages. I will take a break from uploading from tomorrow to July 8th due to Anime Expo! Please stop by and say hi to me! I will be cosplaying as Yuffie Kisaragi and JBF Luka Megurine (If I have a wig).

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