Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha – Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

Today, I am going to announce that I am seriously behind from all this work for Anime Expo and writing this long review. Announcements below!


INTRODUCTION: The story starts as Nanoha, a 4th grader, who awakes from a surreal dream that was calling out to her. She thinks nothing of it till she found the source of the voice. She saves the voice she heard from the monster that was attacking both of them. She transforms into a magical girl. From there her adventure starts. Along the way, she helps Yuuno, the creature that she saved, collect Jewel Seeds. However, as they are collecting them, Fate also fights for them allowing competition and rivalry between the girls.

STAR RATING: 5 / 5 STARS (I’m saying that it’s not just because it’s my favorite)

Favorite Character: Fate. She had an emotional character development. Ironically, I hated her at first because she was really annoying. Later on as the story was progressing, she turned into my favorite character by the end of the series.

Least Favorite Character: Alf, Fate’s familiar is the most annoying character I have come across. In this series, she acts like a caring sister to Fate. I don’t really like how she annoys me by being over protective of Fate, yet not able to help her in times of Fate’s stressful days.

PROS: Character development and character design. It seems like Fate had more of a character development than Nanoha. Tbh, Fate’s back story is excusable for her behavior. No spoiling, but from the start to the end, Fate really becomes the focus of the series rather than Nanoha. Plus, HOLY CRAP!! Their boss battles are super bad ass. Shooting deadly laser beams at each other never looked cooler. (xD)

CONS: The reality of the story….THEY’RE 4TH GRADERS KICKING EACH OTHERS ASSES. Talk about lolis and their pwnage. It’s like seeing my niece and nephews saving the world with magic……It’s sounds a little surrealistic. If they were, say, 8th or high-schoolers, it’d make more sense where their tactics are from.

Overall, this anime really was great for a person, like me, who likes action adventure, fantasy all wrapped up in a cool package.The creators put in a lot of friendship thoughts into this series (kinda reminds me of Madoka, but less serious).

ANNOUNCEMENT TIME: Ok, I realize that I need to slow down my postings because I run into two problems if I do daily posts:

One, I run outta things to review. First of all, I have read and seen a lot of anime and manga. Sadly, as much as I have free time in my summer to write this, I realize that I spend too much time watching it and not enough time to write a good review within the allotted time when I run out of things to review.

Two, most of the manga I will review will end up being one genre for a very long time. I read one genre down the entire the search page. So, my viewer will be seeing yaoi, romance, and action for DAYS. That seems very boring, so I have to give space to make some new genres pop up more.

Last announcement is: I will be attending Anime Expo. Much like most people there, I will be cosplaying (which explains my lag in uploading). If you wish to meet me feel free to find me! I will be cosplaying Yuffie Kisaragi from Final Fantasy VII and JBF Luka Megurine. So, if you happen to see me down the hall, say hi or stop me for anything (appropriate please)!

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