Hakushaku to Yousei – The Earl and Fairy

Hey y’all! Another Saturday, another review!~ This week, the review is switching gears to Shoujo anime. Last week, I gave everyone a hint about this week’s anime: Hakushaku to Yousei or The Earl and Fairy. Enjoy~


INTRODUCTION: The story takes place in 19th Century England, and is basically about young man named Edgar Ashenbert. He proclaims to be the Blue Earl Knight, the protector and ruler of fairies. In order to be recognized, he must journey into the vast lands of Europe in search for the Sword of Merrow, the sword protected by fairies. Along his long journey, he meets Lydia Carlton, a fairy doctor. She claims that Edgar is a impostor, but helps him along the way because she is swayed by Edgar’s “smooth move (xD)”. Lydia is considered a freak since she communicates with fairies that most people can’t see and has severe self-esteem issues. Along the series, Lydia and Edgar, with his trusty servant Raven, search for the Sword of Merrow and their own happiness.

STAR RATING: 3.5 / 5 Stars

FAVORITE CHARACTER: Lydia in reality reflects me in certain aspects. She has self-esteem issues about most of her life. People don’t believe her, she has been bullied about her looks, her dad calls her a tomboy, she’s afraid of falling in love, and she has someone who likes her with a princely attitude (xD).

LEAST FAVORITE CHARACTER: Nico the cat fairy is one annoying character. However, he is a crucial part of the story; as he assists Lydia communicate with the fairy world. But he hinders Lydia and stuns her growth in certain areas in the anime and is an egoist (Personally I hate them).

PROS: The story is pretty deep. It clarifies a lot of its mythical tales and reasons. The romance is one of my favorites. It’s about a girl who has self-esteem issues, but a guy who truly loves her and presses on to chase after her. In reality, it doesn’t really happen. Like said, I’m a girl and I’m a sucker for this stuff. The part that really made me press on with the show is the show’s ability to press on with the romance. “Is he or is he not serious?” I keep asking myself. Whether he is or he isn’t, this anime made its worth with that mentality.

CONS: Some episodes are quite drowsy. Towards the end, the anime, like always when the manga is longer but incomplete, is only about 12 episodes, so it felt like they needed to tie up SOMETHING in the end and the ending was really rushed. Most of the events that happened before the last event were pretty good.

Overall, this is a good romance anime, in my opinion, but the end just really puts it in a not so great side. Weighing out the options, I really don’t regret re-watching this series, but they need to finish the manga and remake this series.

Hope you like his week’s update, see you next Saturday!

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One Response to Hakushaku to Yousei – The Earl and Fairy

  1. Aya says:

    Hi there! I’m glad to find another one who is interested in this series. I wonder if you know it since you didn’t mention in the entry, but in fact this anime as well as the manga were adapted from the light novel (which I’m currenly reading). It has 32 volumes published in Japan and is being translated into English up to volume 6 so far. If you want to learn more about the story and EdgarxLydia’s relationship, go ahead and check this site. In my opinion, the novel is really wonderful and much better than the anime. It goes deeper into things and focuses on character’s inner thoughts and other aspects. It’s such a waste if you’re fond of the anime but not at least take a good look at its original form. I really enjoy the novel. Edgar and Lydia are so cute together! ^^

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