Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen – Absolute Peace Strategy

Hello!~ So, this week I’m reviewing something I got as a recommendation on my Facebook feed via MangaHere.com. 


INTRODUCTION: The story is about a couple, a prince from the Northern border and the princess of the Southern border. They announced their engagement to the world in the middle of warfare between the two lands. Much to their disgust, the kings of the two land signed the treaty. From the outside, they’re the world’s best pair of lovey-dovey couple. However, they hate each others guts. For the world, they must hide their true relationship. What will happen when flamboyant Prince Johanne falls for the tomboyish Princess Euda?

STAR RATING: 4 / 5 Stars

FAVORITE CHARACTER: Princess Euda is like, the white mage of the land. She is kind, but straight forward and speaks her mind. She does not doubt her judgement and does what she needs to for her people, like a true princess. By the way, she’s pretty “tsun-tsun”.

LEAST FAVORITE CHARACTER: Later in the story, you will meet Euda’s dad. How I dont like him? Easy, he feels he owes Euda her happiness since her mother died before the story takes place. I don’t like how he felt OBLIGATED to find a better suitor for her.

PROS: It’s a funny and romantic manga. In my honest opinion, I liked the idea of PLOT TWIST. It’s pretty interesting how much development you see each character go through. At one point I really liked Johanne’s brother because his development was just so tear jerking. (No spoiling :I )

CONS: At a certain part of the later chapters it does, again, drag on. But there are some key points where I was forced to watch it since it is important in the future. Another part I didn’t like was actually the concept of the war. It may seem funny to most people, but that has got to the stupidest reason why ANYONE would start a war. Once again, no spoiling. Seriously, that really killed my interest into why anyone would just fight each other for that reason.

Overall, great manga. It’s one of those mangas where I wish was an anime. Anyways, if you liked this week’s review, please rate, comment, and share around! I will get more reflection and more recommendation from different people! See you next week!



Like for Pusheen! Pusheen does not belong to me nor do I have any endorsements with Pusheen’s creator. I kinda just copied from Facebook Messenger :>

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