About Me

Hello! Welcome to my page! My pen name is Jessi Highwind. I am a female, from LA and I go to SF area for college. I recently started to do things like reviewing because I have friends who have wanted me to do reviews online rather than just a post between friends on FaceBook. So, taking their advice and coming here to showcase my reviews online. If my reviews sound illogical, please feel free to tell me what part you didn’t like and maybe I can adjust my reviews to where everyone can understand why I would think that way.

Card game reviews: Since I am fluent in Chinese, some products from Asia should not cause a problem for me to translate. So, if there is a product halfway across the world, I should be able to get a good look at what the product is before getting reviews and opinions from my friend before purchasing. My price range for anything card game related in under $70. So, If there are any mats or sleeves priced over that, it will take me a while to get it and review on it.

Anime/Manga reviews: I personally read any genre (Shoujo to yaoi to hentai, no matter). I don’t do tragedy too well, but I will bite the bullet if it’s that good. If not, I will cry my eyes out for no particular reason. Like said from before, I am fluent in Chinese. So if you find that your anime/manga is taking too slow to upload English subtitles, I would probably have more luck finding it in Chinese and reviewing it quicker as a whole.

I update on a once-a-week basis. New updates every Saturday!


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