Persona 4: The Animation

Alright! Another day, another review. Today I’d thought I’d switch gears to anime. Today’s anime is Persona 4: The Animation. Please keep in mind there are small spoilers in here. Continue reading

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   Star Wars Light Saber Card Sleeves – Limited Edition


INTRODUCTION: I got these sleeves about 2 months ago at a shop called Gamescape in San Francisco. Price was $5 and is about the same on the web….of course including shipping and tax.

STAR RATING: 1 / 5 Stars

PROS: The sleeves have light sabers on them. How cool is that! The feel is nice, the color and art on it are nice. The art won’t fade or get scratched up too easily.

CONS: There is only 50 in each pack you buy. So if you play games like Weiss Schwarz, you probably would buy and extra just in case those rip, because THEY WILL. After only having it for about a month. I shuffled it for a game and realized that they were starting to tear and fold on the sleeve corners. They are made out of cheap plastic which means that they don’t hold well if you shuffle the cards with the sleeves too vigorously.

Overall, get it for the art, but don’t expect to use them unless you are a price pitcher for the sleeves.


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Aniplex Official Puella Magi Madoka Magica Card Sleeves – Akemi Homura


INTRODUCTION: So, these sleeves were kindly purchased around 2012 in July (So, not so long ago) from Kira Kira in Monterey Park. These are priced at about $7. However, I bought it from Kira Kira for $16 (Tax included). I very much dislike the middle man price….or they just plainly ripped me off good.

STAR RATING: 3.5 / 5

PROS: The sleeves are BEAUTIFUL and GORGEOUS. I may not be a huge fan of Madoka, but the art on it is amazing!. The metallic reflection on the art makes it stand out very well. The feel of the sleeves are great. They aren’t grimy a and they feel smooth to the touch.

CONS: The stuff scratches easily. I remember unwrapping them and scratching a small part of it to get the feel of the print. The will wear and tear. The plastic will rip and the art will fade if you do not take care of them. Suggestion: Over-sleeves.

This concludes my first review. Feel free to drop me a comment of what I should review next!

See you soon!

CREDITS: ©Magica Quartet/Aniplex•Madoka Partners


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Jessi Highwind here~ Some may know me as a cosplayer, anime lover, and manga reader. But, this website is to further and widen views of viewers out there who wish to know my opinion and views on the anime/manga world. In this site, I will review anime/manga/card game (related to anime) here. I will do a regular five star rating and give pros and cons as to what some people might be expecting out of the products. Feel free to ask or email me some suggestions as to what I should review next. I will do one review per day. However, I am a college student, so once school season is back, I will only do one review per week :/ Hope to see you soon!~

EDIT: For those who wish to know more about me. I am currently a 2nd year college student in the Bay Area in California. I am personally from LA area. So, I can range from NorCal to SoCal stores and their products (also depending on when I go back to school). I attend many conventions. My main anime conventions are: Anime Expo, Fanime, ALA, and more to come. If there are specific items for me to review, I will definitely check it out and review it personally. However, I do not do figurines, sorry. Please check out Frances’ website (X). Another thing to add on, I will specify that I do not do well with tragedy. I am a girl, so I will cry and say somethings. If the anime or manga itself has yet released English subtitles, no worries. I am fluent in Chinese. Most Japanese release times will in the Asian territory so I will be able to get to some anime or manga within the week if not a little bit earlier. If there is a specific anime or manga, please message me in the comments specifically what to review. Regarding anything more about me, please read the “About me” page.

-Jessi Highwind

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